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25° 43 ‘ 1.99”S
28° 8 ‘ 59.02”O

Hv. Ds Krige st en Jennings st.
Ingang in Ds. Krige st

Senior Rugby asook 0/20

Johan Beukes (Voorsitter)

079 247 0501

Maandae - 18h30
Woensdae - 18h30
Donderdae - 18h30


Dino Slabert (Voorsitter)

082 410 6669


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Grizzlies Restaurant kontak no.
Tel: 012 377 0003
Cell: 084 240 2331 (Nico) All Hours
 Cell: 083 483 1002 (Jeanette) office hours



Krieket Afrigters





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Eugene van Wyk TBA 082 701 8373 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Riaan Coetzer TBA    
Nikki Dry TBA    
Freek   TBA    
Chris Fouche TBA    
Braam Joubert TBA    
Hennie Britian TBA    

Management Team

Tuine Sport Club




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Eugene van Wyk Chairman 082 701 8373 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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    Under 13    
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    Women 0/19    

Krieket Bestuur


Braam Joubert

Onder Voorsitter

Riaan Coetzer

Cricket - History

Cricket (Juniors and Siniors)


In 2011 we started a small cricket club under a different club name. We only had 4 junior teams.Unexpectedly we did so well in the league that we decided to start our own club. There were also a big influx of enquiries to start a senior league and getting our own club Status. Never did we know that starting a new lub doesn’t happen very often. Meeting with the TITANS CRICKET UNION on several occasions and getting to grips with the high standards that they impose on the getting your sport is one of our top priorities. Currently our junior club consist of four teams, U/9 , U/11 , U/13 and U/15. The Senior club also consists nof four teams 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th teams.


We are committedto this new venture and we will strive to be one of the top cricket clubs in Pretoria. Unfortunately making all of the above a reality, takes a lot of money. TSK is in favour of DEVELOPING our children and is committed to our schools and to our community. Getting people involved in our area is a key factor for us.


Currently our Cricket is doing exellend. The senior 1st team is laying in position 1, the 2nd senior team in position 6, the 3rd senior team in position 1 and the 4th team in the 4th place.


The junior teams U/9 is laying in the 1st place, U/11 team in the 3rd place and our U/13 team in 4th place.


All of the above teams have 13 teams to compete with in their league. Seeing the points table you can see that we are a very committed club.


We are currently looking to install stadium lights for the rugby and cricket fields. The cricket field is currently being prepared into an oval. TSK has decided that we will be creating a night series in 2013.





With the upgrading of our club comes some new challenges. All sports are no longer cheap and we want to develop the sport at our club to its fullest potential. The developmentof our kids is one of our main priorities and objectives. BUT there are restrictions when funds are not available. We as TSK do invest in the sport development but need to get businesses involved and you would like to see our ficilities or our couching staff in full swing with the kids, please don’t hesitate.


We at TSK make sure that your investment goes to the players and development of the sport. That is why we have an open book policy to any company who wants to invest in our club.